Friday, August 12, 2011

When I became one of the Two Scrappin' Lawyers, I decided that I would share some fun photography in addition to sharing my scrapbook projects. I've been taking lots of pictures but I've been a bit slow with scrapbooking them. I have pictures to show but not many layouts to show. I took this photo of my son on the swing at sunset on Fire Island at the end of June. In July I learned that Long Island's main newspaper, Newsday has a photo contest every summer. They accept entries until September. There are several prizes and the first place winning photo becomes the cover photo for the following summer's guide for fun things to do on Long Island. I submitted my photo and someone from Newsday contacted me the very next day to tell me that they wanted to run it in the Explore LI section on Friday, July 22nd instead of waiting for the contest to end. Here is the photo. I sure hope that I am still in the running for the contest that is to end in September.

I crouched down low to get this shot and I was so happy to see through the lens that the swingset framed the shot nicely. I didn't even think that I had the ability to take a great shot at sunset. I loved it immediately but I had no idea that Newsday would agree!

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