Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Was that an EARTHQUAKE??

Why yes, yes it was.  And to think, this morning my biggest concern was what to wear to a hearing!  By now I'm sure almost the entire country knows that a 5.9 quake hit in Virginia and was felt up the coast.  Here on Long Island (the appendage of New York state where I live), it came as quite a surprise to many people.  Reports are it was felt down in South Carolina and up in Massachusetts.  Once I realized what it was, I was concerned for those located near the epicenter.  Once I discovered where the epicenter was I was concerned for my BFF and her daughter.  She and I have been friends since the 8th grade!  It's amazing to me that we have maintained this friendship after more than 30 years and across state lines.  (YIKES - am I that old??) She moved to Virginia about 5 years after we graduated high school, and relocated to Florida for a while, before returning to Virginia.  I keep trying to talk her into returning to Long Island but her job needs her close to Washington, DC.

So we maintain the friendship through morning phone calls while I drive to work.  Yes, I'm one of those people yammering away on my cellphone.  I do however always use a hands free device.  I find that the only time I am alone long enough to have a decent conversation with anybody is when I'm in the car.  We see each other when we can - although certainly not often enough.  I'm hoping to make it down to see her next month.  It will be my birthday present to myself, if only I can find an affordable hotel for the family that isn't in a bad neighborhood!

So, my friends are safe, and I'm safe, and my family is safe, and I hope that all out in cyberspace reading this are safe as well!

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